Affinity chromatography resin, CDI-activated agarose

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
PIER20259EA 137 EUR
Affinity chromatography resin, CDI-activated agarose
Protein Purification Protein Purification Resins
Pierce™ CDI-activated agarose is carbonyldiimidazole affinity chromatography resin, activated for covalent immobilisation of N-nucleophiles and primary amine ligands in aqueous or organic solvent conditions.

  • No secondary reagents needed since rection proceeds spontaneously
  • Half-life of hydrolysis is much longer than hydroxysuccinimide ester activations
  • Reaction is most efficient with primary amines at pH 9 to 11
  • Immobilisation occurs through the reaction of N-nucleophiles with 1,1' -carbonyldiimidazole groups of the resin to form a stable, uncharged N-alkylcarbamate linkages
  • Available in convenient form as it is supplied as stabilised, 50% slurry in acetone

CDI-activated resin is porous, beaded agarose chromatography resin that is activated with carbonyl diimidazole groups for covalent immobilisation of proteins and other molecules that contain N-nucleophiles. Coupling can be performed in aqueous or organic solvent conditions, making possible the immobilisation of many kinds of ligands. Once a molecule is immobilised, the prepared affinity resin can be used multiple times in typical affinity purification procedures.
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