NMR sample tubes, thin walled, PRECISION, 5 mm Ext.Ø, SP Wilmad-LabGlass

Supplier: SP Industries
506-PP-7-5 535-PP-7-5 507-PP-8 528-PP-7_U 505-PS-7 526-PP-7-5 527-PP-7-5 527-PP-8-5 535-PP-8-5 541-PP-7-5 541-PP-8-5 507-PP-9-5 506-PP-8-5 526-PP-8-5 528-PP-9-5 527-PP-9-5 535-PP-9-5 542-PP-7-5 507-PP-7-5 505-PS-8-5 505-PS-9-5 528-PP-7-5 507-PP-8-5 528-PP-8-5 505-PS-7-5
634-0935EA 53.2 EUR
634-0935 634-0932 634-0874 WILM528-PP-7_U WILM505-PS-7 634-0934 634-0933 634-1166 634-1169 634-0931 634-1171 634-1163 634-1161 634-1164 634-1168 634-1167 634-1170 634-0930 634-0873 634-1159 634-1160 634-0879 634-0878 634-0880 634-0936
NMR sample tubes, thin walled, PRECISION, 5 mm Ext.Ø, SP Wilmad-LabGlass
Tubes NMR Tubes
Borosilicate glass, class A, ASTM Type 1.

  • 100% inspection with multiple NIST traceable gauges and optical surface defect checks
  • To maximise SNR, PRECISION NMR tubes have minimal paramagnetic impurities that would impact shimming
  • Tight ID and OD tolerance as small as 0,0065 mm accommodates inserts
  • Caps are not recommended for use with samples dissolved in chloroform-d or acetone-d6

NMR PRECISION tubes are manufactured from borosilicate glass that meets the requirement of Type 1 class A glass from ASTM E438. PRECISION tube has 3-fold less paramagnetic contamination compared to the ECONOMY tube, and can be operated safely at temperatures up to 230 ˚C, and within a temperature step of 120 ˚C. PRECISION tubes are rated as Hydrolytic Class 1, which states that the inner surface is resistant to strong acids and bases at ambient temperatures. These tubes are ideal for experiments requiring critical shimming quality (high/ultra-high field, non spinning, multi-dimensional, multi-nuclei, DNP experiments and studies involving biological samples).
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