Biopharmaceutical tubing C-Flex® , Formulation 082

Supplier: Saint-Gobain

VERN082-250-2SEA 1980 EUR
VERN082-250-2S VERN082-188-3 VERN082-250-3S VERN082-188-2S VERN082-375-2 VERN082-125-2 VERN082-125-2M VERN082-250-3M VERN082-250-4S VERN082-750-4 VERN082-250-4 VERN082-313-3M VERN082-250-2M VERN082-1000-6 VERN082-750-6 VERN082-250-3 VERN082-250-2 VERN082-375-4S VERN082-375-2S VERN082-500-3 VERN082-750-8 VERN082-1000-8 VERN082-375-3 VERN082-375-4 VERN082-500-4M VERN082-125-2S VERN082-375-4M VERN082-188-2 VERN082-625-4 VERN082-500-4 VERN082-313-3
Biopharmaceutical tubing C-Flex® , Formulation 082
Tubing Tubing for Biopharmaceutical Applications
Thermoplastic elastomer, clear.

  • Manufactured under strict GMPs guidelines
  • Non pyrogenic, non cytotoxic, non hemolytic
  • Chemically resistant to concentrated acids and alkalis
  • Significantly less permeable than silicone
  • Low platelet adhesion
  • Low protein binding
  • Ultra-smooth inner bore
  • Lot traceable

C-Flex® is a unique, patented thermoplastic elastomer specifically designed to meet the critical demands of the pharmaceutical, research, biopharmaceutical and diagnostics industries. C-Flex® biopharmaceutical tubing has been used by many of the world’s leading biotech and pharmaceutical processing companies. Each coil of C-Flex® tubing is extruded to precise I. D., O. D. and wall dimensions. All tubing is formulated to meet the standards of the biopharmaceutical industry and is QA tested before leaving the Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics production facility.

Temperature resistance: −45 to +135 °C

Hardness (Shore durometer A): 59

Certifications: Complies with USP Class VI standards.
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