Water purification system, WaterPro® BT

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Water purification system, WaterPro® BT
Water Purification Systems Pure and Ultra Pure Water Systems
The WaterPro® BT Water Purification System produces both RO and Type I water directly from tap water. The benchtop design is compact and lightweight so it can easily be transported from lab to lab. The Filter Pack (required, sold separately) bundles all water filter technologies into one convenient twin cartridge package so installation is simple.

  • To install, the WaterPro BT requires only simple connection to a tap water supply, drain and electrical source
  • Delivers ultrapure Type I, up to 18,2 megohm-cm water at a typical rate of >0,5 liters/minute
  • Models with UV light, remote dispenser or both are also available

Type I water is ideal for many applications including instrumental trace element analysis and mixing standardised acid/base solutions. Reverse osmosis (RO)-purified Type III water is also produced and is stored in the integral six liter tank. An outlet valve, accessible from the back, provides access to the RO water that is produced at a rate of up to 3 liters/hour. Type III water is ideal for non-cricial laboratory applications such as reagent preparation and glassware rinsing.

Ordering information: Accessories are available for the WaterPro BT. FilterPack comprised of twin cartridges with pretreatment, reverse osmosis, activated carbon and deionization filtration, is required for operation and is sold separately. Vent Filter (1 µm) prevent bacterial contamination of the RO storage tank and is recommended but not required. Hollow Fiber Final Filter for attachment to the dispensing valve is also recommended but not required. It provides a barrier against particulates and bacteria. Ultrafiltration Cartridge also recommended but not required, is designed for installation at the Type I spigot and produces pyrogen and nuclease-free ultrapure water for up to three months.
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