Column Protection System

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Column Protection System
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The Column Protection System guard column holder is used for the installation of NUCLEODUR®, NUCLEOSIL®, NUCLEOSHELL® or UNIVERSAL RP guard columns (EC system) at analytical HPLC columns with ¹/₁₆" fittings.

  • Innovative and universal screw-on guard column holder system
  • Ideal protection for your analytical main column
  • Also suitable for ultra-fast HPLC due to minimised void volume
  • Special ferrules - pressure stability up to 1300 bar

It is advisable to replace the guard column if the silver membrane is contaminated (bright or dark discoloration). If the contaminants are colorless, replace the guard column if the pressure rises or the chromatographic performance decreases.

Delivery information: The column protection system includes 1 cartridge holder, 2 replacement capillaries (0,12 mm ID), 3 ferrules (for HPLC columns with particle size >2 μm), 3 ferrules (for HPLC columns with particle size <2 μm), 2 wrenches and 1 user manual.
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