Water standards for Karl Fischer titration, Aquastar®, Supelco®

Supplier: Merck

AQUASTAR® Aquastar®
1.88051.0013EA 113 EUR
1.88051.0013 1.88050.0010 1.12939.0010 1.88052.0013 1.06664.0100 1.88052.0010 1.88055.0013 1.09259.0250 1.88051.0010 1.88055.0010 1.88054.0005
Water standards for Karl Fischer titration, Aquastar®, Supelco®
Standards Water Determination (by Karl Fischer method) Standards
Aquastar® standards for Karl Fischer titration can be used for monitoring and qualification of your Karl Fischer instruments, for checking and evaluating measuring results, and for performing titer determination of volumetric Karl Fischer reagents.

Merck have introduced, into the range of Aquastar® standards, some packs with additional technology - Supelco® SmartStandards, that use an RFID tag to provide a seamless data transfer between the smart titrator and the RFID tag on the label of the bottle of titrant. It will ensure that all information needed for method execution, result calculation and documentation is transferred to the titrator equipped with this technology. Mettler Toledo Compact and Excellence titrators include this technology. Please see ordering table below for packs with RFID tag.

Certifications: Manufactured under the scope of ISO 17034 and certified in an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing laboratory.
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