Redox/ORP/temperature electrodes, Orion™

Supplier: Thermo Orion
9179BN 9179BNMD 9180BNMD
9179BNEA 577 EUR
9179BN 9179BNMD 9180BNMD
Redox/ORP/temperature electrodes, Orion™
Electrodes Redox Electrodes
These ORP electrodes combine a platinum redox sensing electrode and a silver/silver chloride reference electrode in one body.

  • Efficiently measure ORP and temperature simultaneously without a separate reference electrode in a single instance
  • Available in epoxy triode low maintenance and epoxy refillable triode construction
  • ORP Triode electrodes have a built-in thermistor for measuring temperature

The 9180BNMD and 9179BNMD ORP/ATC Triode electrodes have a temperature connector that is compatible with the Star Series meters.

The 9180BN and 9179BN ORP/ATC Triode electrode have a temperature connector that is compatible with the A+ Series meters.

Note: Not designed for amperometric or constant current titrations, such as Karl Fischer analysis.
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