Bacterial DNA kit, E.Z.N.A.®

Supplier: Omega Bio-Tek
D3350-02EA 612 EUR
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Bacterial DNA kit, E.Z.N.A.®
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The E.Z.N.A.® bacterial DNA kit allows the rapid and reliable isolation of high quality total cellular DNA from a wide variety of bacterial species. This kit uses optimised lysis condition and up to 1×10⁹ bacterial cells can be processed for each column. There are no organic extractions, thus reducing plastic waste and hands on time to allow multiple samples to be processed in parallel. Bacterial cells are grown to log-phase and harvested. The cell wall is removed by lysozyme digestion and bead beating, followed by protease digestion. Following lysis, binding conditions are adjusted and the sample is applied to a HiBind DNA spin-column. Two rapid wash steps remove trace salts and protein contaminants, and DNA is finally eluted in water or elution buffer. Purified DNA can be directly used in downstream applications without the need for further purification.

  • Suitable for most bacterial strains
  • DNA isolation in less than 20 minutes (after lysis)
  • Optimised buffers guarantee pure DNA
  • No organic extractions
  • Purified DNA suitable for most applications
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