StarFish multiple experiment workstation

Supplier: Heidolph Instruments GmbH & Co.KG
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StarFish multiple experiment workstation
Stirrers Magnetic Hotplate Stirrers
Converts a magnetic stirrer into a multiple experiment workstation, improve the productivity of your laboratory; use a single stirring hotplate to do multiple experiments. Perfect for simple heating/stirring experiments or more complex applications such as synthesis, concentrations, extractions and distillations. Accepts a wide range of standard laboratory glassware including vials, test tubes, beakers and round bottom flasks, a range of inserts are available for small vials up to 250 ml round bottom flasks.

  • Powerful stirring and heating of all positions simultaneously
  • Truly versatile, mix and match up to five different PolyBlocks of the same or different size, or use a single MonoBlock with multiple wells all the same size
  • Connectors feature leak-proof shut-off valves

Universal five-way telescopic clamps, the StarFish clamp allows glassware of virtually any size to be used and comes with a choice of silicone rubber or Velcro support straps. Each clamp features 5 telescopic arms which can be extended and locked in place to suit your needs. Using different straps on separate clamps means the flask neck can be gripped with the silicone rubber strap for lifting, whilst the condenser above slides through the Velcro strap.
Water Distribution Manifold allows coolant from a single source to be evenly distributed to up to five condensers and then the flow re-combined to one outlet pipe. Two manifolds are used in each set-up, one to distribute water to the condensers and one to collect coolant for recirculation or to drain.
Gas/Vacuum Distribution Manifold allows gas or a vacuum from a single source to be evenly distributed to up to five positions or vessels. (Does not control or regulate gas/vacuum flow).
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