VWR® Hichrom Organic Acid, HPLC Columns

Supplier: Avantor
HICH9046 HICH9048 HICH9646 HICH9648 HICH28883 HICH28884
VWR® Hichrom Organic Acid, HPLC Columns
Chromatography Columns
Avantor® Hichrom Organic Acid columns are ion exclusion columns packed with sulphonated polystyrene-divinylbenzene.

  • Rapid analysis of organic acids and alcohols
  • pH stable polymer resin
  • Isocratic 100% aquoeus mobile phases only, no organic solvents
  • USP L17

The OA-1000 and OA-2000 columns exhibit excellent selectivity for aliphatic and aromatic acids. As with most ion exclusion columns, a column heater is necessary for normal operating procedures. The IOA-1000 and IOA-2000 columns are suitable for the separation of citric and other acids from glucose and fructose.
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