Avantor® Prevail Organic acid, HPLC Columns

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HICH88648 HICH88655 HICH88755 HICH50755 HICH88640 HICH88740 HICH88645 HICH88745 PRE-5OA-250DT 96429/N
Avantor® Prevail Organic acid, HPLC Columns
Chromatography Columns
Prevail™ HPLC columns exhibit long column lifetime in both highly aqueous and highly organic mobile phases. All phases, apart from Prevail™ Carbohydrate ES are silica-based. The stability of these phases is such that a single column can be switched between highly aqueous for analysis of highly polar analytes and highly organic for strong retention of hydrophobic analytes.

  • Highly efficient silica-based, acid-stable phase
  • Stable from highly organic to highly aqueous
  • Speciality phases for specific applications
  • Excellent sensitivity with microbore and ELSD applications

Separates common organic acids with unsurpassed resolution, speed and sensitivity. Lower cost than polymeric columns.

Accessories information: Use guard cartridges with holder (80101/N) and column coupler (HI-081).
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