Protein purification spin columns, Vivapure® Ion Exchange (IEX) Mini/Maxi

Supplier: Sartorius
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Protein purification spin columns, Vivapure® Ion Exchange (IEX) Mini/Maxi
Filters Centrifugal Filters
Vivapure® Ion Exchange (IEX) spin colums are centrifugal devices. They incorporate Sartobind membrane adsorber technology as their chromatography matrix. Sartobind IEX membrane adsorbers are based on stabilised regenerated cellulose and display a microporous structure with a pore size of >3 μm, which is orders of magnitude larger than conventional chromatographic gel materials.

  • Ready to use
  • Replaces time-consuming column chromatography protein purification
  • Scalable to industrial scale applications
  • Available in Mini and Maxi formats
  • Ideal for sample preparation before 1D or 2D PAGE, pre-fractionation and purification of various proteins

The rapid 1-2-3 bind-wash-elute protocol especially lends itself to screening applications, where many different samples are processed in parallel.

Mini format: for binding up to 4 mg (500 µl capacity)
Maxi format: for binding up to 60 to 80 mg (20 ml capacity)

Strong acidic cation exchanger: Sulphonic acid (S)
Strong basic anion exchanger: Quaternary ammonium (Q)
Weak basic anion exchanger: Diethylamine (D)
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