Human Recombinant Stratifin (from E. coli)

Supplier: ProSci
PRSI91-153EA 455 EUR
Human Recombinant Stratifin (from E. coli)
Proteins and Peptides
Stratifin (SFN) belongs to the 14-3-3 family of proteins that act as important regulators of intracelluar signal transduction through their ability to bind specific motifs phosphorylated on serine or threonine. There are at least seven isoforms that have been identified in mammals (beta, gamma, epsilon, sigma, zeta, tau and eta). SFN can detected in many tissues, highly expressed in stratified squamous keratinizing epithelium. SFN is indicated as an epithelial cell marker and serves as a tumor suppressor whose expression can be down regulated by methylation. In addition, SFN plays a key role in maintaining the G2 checkpoint in cells and preventing mitotic death.

  • This recombinant protein can be used for biological assays. For research use only.
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