Human Recombinant UBE2B (from Cells)

Supplier: ProSci
PRSI91-665EA 455 EUR
Human Recombinant UBE2B (from Cells)
Proteins and Peptides
Ubiquitin-Conjugating Enzyme E2 B (UBE2B) is a member of the ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme family. UBE2B accepts ubiquitin from the E1 complex and catalyzes its covalent attachment to other proteins. It is shown that UBE2B interacts with RAD18, UBR2, and WAC. UBE2B is required for post-replicative DNA damage repair. Additional, UBE2B plays a role in sepsis-induced muscle protein proteolysis and cancer-induced cachexia.

  • This recombinant protein can be used for biological assays. For research use only.

Fusion-Tag: C-6 His tag
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