Human recombinant Argininosuccinate Synthase (from E. coli)

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PRSI91-986EA 658 EUR
Human recombinant Argininosuccinate Synthase (from E. coli)
Argininosuccinate Synthase (ASS1) is an urea cycle enzyme with a tetrameric structure composed of identical subunits. ASS1 is involved in the synthesis of arginine and catalyses that condensation of citrulline and aspartate to argininosuccinate using ATP. ASS1 is important to the urea cycle as it catalyses the important second last step in the arginine biosynthetic pathway. ASS1 mainly expressed in periportal hepatocytes, but also in most other body tissues. A deficiency of ASS1 causes citrullinemia (CTLN1), an autosomal recessive disease which is characterised by severe vomiting spells and mental retardation.

Fusion-Tag: N-6 His tag

This recombinant protein can be used for biological assays. For research use only.
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