Human recombinant IPP Isomerase 2 (from E. coli)

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PRSI92-015EA 658 EUR
Human recombinant IPP Isomerase 2 (from E. coli)
Isopentenyl Pyrophosphate Isomerase 2 (IDI2) belongs to the IPP isomerase type 1 family. Both isozymes, IDI1 and IDI2 are localised to the peroxisome by a PTS1-dependent pathway. IDI2 is expressed in skeletal muscle, which contains one nudix hydrolase domain. IDI2 binds one magnesium per subunit. IDI2 catalyses the 1,3-allylic rearrangement of the homoallylic substrate isopentenyl (IPP) to its highly electrophilic allylic isomer, dimethylallyl diphosphate (DMAPP). It is reported that IDI2 is regulated independently from IDI1, by a mechanism that may involve PPAR- alpha.

Fusion-Tag: N-6 His tag

This recombinant protein can be used for biological assays. For research use only.
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