Active inverted magnetron gauge

Supplier: Edwards
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Active inverted magnetron gauge
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Active Inverted Magnetron gauge is a combined unit of the gauge-head and controller. This gauge operates as a cold cathode ionisation gauge, in which pressure is measured indirectly as a function of the current that flows in a Townsend discharge maintained in the body tube.

  • Electrode service kit helps in easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Compatible with all gauge Controllers and with the appropriate versions of the gauge displays
  • Interchangeable body tube allows for rapid tube replacement without pre-calibration
  • Drive electronics in the gauge head reduces system cost
  • Easy interface with a computer or plc and fault output indication

This gauge has the rugged and reliable pressure range of 1×10-8 to 1×10-2 mbar, which suits for all type of vacuum applications ranging from scientific instruments to industrial processes.

The unique striker design of this gauge provides the rapid striking even at high vacuum or in contaminating conditions. High level of noise immunity has been achieved because of low output impedance and integral Faraday shield which ensures the long cable runs of up to 100 m.
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