Water purification systems, Select Neptune

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Water purification systems, Select Neptune
Water Purification Systems Pure and Ultra Pure Water Systems
Ultrapure water for Laboratory use. Neptune requires a feedwater source that has been pre-treated to <20 µS/cm. It is suitable for analytical and Life science Laboratory applications. Three models are available in the range: Analytical, featuring a Low TOC specification; Life Science, offering Low bacteria, endotoxins and RNases/DNases specification; and Ultimate, which combines the benefits of both the Analytical and Life Science models. Each unit produces between 1,5 and 2 Litres of ultra-pure, 18,2 MΩ.cm, purified water per minute.

  • Water quality output: guaranteed ultrapure water (18,2 MΩ/cm )
  • Adjustable volume for exact dispense
  • Automatic air bleed for internal filter
  • Intelligent monitoring system (IMS) switches unit to standby during periods of non-use

Filtration: The Life Science and Ultimate contain a 0,2 µm filter at the dispense point to remove particles and bacteria and a 0,05 µm ultramicrofilter to remove endotoxins ; the Analytical contains a 0,2 µm internal filter for the removal of bacteria.

Flow rates: up to 2 L/min (at +25 ºC) for the Analytical and 1,5 for the Life Science and Ultimate
Bacteria: <0,1 cfu/ml (Life Science and Ultimate) ; <1cfu/ml (Analytical)
Endotoxins: <0,01 EU/ml (Life Science and Ultimate) ; 0,25 EU/ml (Analytical)
Particles: 0,05 µm (Life Science and Ultimate ; 0,2 µm (Analytical)

Manufactured in the UK.

Delivery information: Supplied with installation kit and first set of consumables.
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