Conductivity cells, IDS

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Conductivity cells, IDS
Electrodes Conductivity Sensors
High quality, enhanced sensor technology combined with most up to date measurement electronics. For use with IDS meters.

  • Intelligent: Sensors are automatically recognised by the meter, each sensor is individually identified
  • Digital: Measurement signals are processed digitally, providing very accurate data
  • IDS cells store their serial number and calibration records
  • TetraCon® 925: 4-electrode measuring cell ideal for medium and high conductivity applications
  • LR 925/01: Ideal for pure water and low conductivity applications
  • TetraCon® 925/LV: Graphite 4-electrode cell for small volumes and viscous samples

The electrodes can provide the following data, shown on the screen of the digital meter:
- Model name
- Serial number
- Calibration status (+++, ++, +, -, blank)
- The calibration history includes the last 10 calibrations, including buffers used, mV values, etc.

Ordering information: Various cable lengths available.
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