VWR®, Protein marker VI (pre-stained), peqGOLD

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VWR®, Protein marker VI (pre-stained), peqGOLD
Electrophoresis Reagents Molecular Weight Markers
peqGOLD pre-stained Protein Marker VI is a mixture of 10 coloured proteins. These proteins are recombinantly produced in E.coli, highly purified and supplied 'ready to use' in loading buffer. The protein concentrations are optimised to yield well-defined bands directly visible in SDS polyacrylamide gels.

  • Comprises of 10 fragments: ~260, ~140, ~95, ~72, ~52, ~44, ~34, ~26, ~17 and ~10 kDa

Four of the 10 proteins, with an apparent molecular weight of approximately 100, 35, 25 and 15 kDa, are coupled with a blue chromophore, whereas three proteins at 260, 70 and 40 kDa appear orange. Additionally two proteins at 50 and 10 kDa are labelled green, and one 140 kDa protein is coupled with a pink dye. All proteins resolve into clearly defined, sharp bands when analysed by SDS-PAGE.

This protein marker can be used for approximate size estimation of unknown proteins, however, for precise determination of molecular weights, the use of 'unstained' protein markers is recommended. The pre-stained marker is ideal for monitoring the progression of the gel run and the Western transfer efficiency.
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