Headspace screw neck vials, N 18

MANA702866EA 48.9 EUR
MANA702866 MANA702826 MANA702826.2
Headspace screw neck vials, N 18
Vials Chromatography Vials
These N 18 headspace screw neck vials feature a more convenient, consistent, and safer sealing process compared to crimping.

  • Made of clear and amber glass
  • Rounded bottom
  • No risk of inaccurate or inconsistent crimping results

Usable on GC headspace autosamplers of Agilent (Combi PAL, G1888A, HS7697A), CTC (Combi PAL), PerkinElmer (Combi PAL, TurboMatrix HS 16, 40, 110), Shimadzu (AOC-5000, AOC-6000), Thermo Scientific (TriPlus RSH, HS, SPME, 300), Varian (Agilent - Combi PAL).

The magnetic screw closures are ready assembled with septa suitable for headspace GC.

- Magnetic srew caps with or without center hole
- Flat surface of cap for a safe grip at the magnet
- Thinner septum (1.5 instead of 3 mm) for a precise penetration of the needle (especially for SPME)
- Septa made from high quality silicone/PTFE (also slitted), Butyl/PTFE or Red Rubber/TEF
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