QuEChERS mixes, clean-up, CHROMABOND®

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QuEChERS mixes, clean-up, CHROMABOND®
Chromatography Columns
CHROMABOND® QuEChERS mixes with special diamino silica phase are suitable for determination of pesticides in food samples. These remove polar compounds (organic acids, pigments, sugars) from matrices like fruit or vegetables.

  • Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged, Safe
  • Multi-residue pesticide analysis of fruits or vegetables
  • Pre-weighed CHROMABOND® QuEChERS mixes

For subsequent clean-up, a diamino phase (PSA) removes sugars and organic acids. Magnesium sulphate removes water, C18 ec removes nonpolar interferences such as fats and the carbon phase removes pigments, sterols, and nonpolar interferences.

For prior extraction see "QuEChERS mixes, extraction, CHROMABOND®".

CHROMABOND® QuEChERS mixes are weighed in 2 ml centrifuge tubes with snap cap or in 15 ml centrifuge tubes with screw cap.
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