Liquid chromatography sorbents, Kieselguhr

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Liquid chromatography sorbents, Kieselguhr
Chromatography Sorbents HPLC Sorbents
Kieselguhr adsorbents for column chromatography.

  • Naturally occurring amorphous silicic acids of fossil origin (diatomaceous earth)
  • Purified for chromatographic applications
  • High grade of purification (according to Johns-Manville)

Compared to silica, kieselguhr has a small surface of low activity. Thus, it is recommended for applications in partition chromatography. Impregnated with various substances (paraffin, silicone oil, undecane) it can also be used for reversed phase chromatography.

Rel. purification factor: 100
Rel. flow rate: 100
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