siRNA transfection reagent, Lullaby™

Supplier: OZ Biosciences
OZBILL71000EA 384.3 EUR
siRNA transfection reagent, Lullaby™
Transfection Reagents
Lullaby™ is an ideal siRNA transfection reagent for gene silencing. Based on the TEE-technology, it has been successfully tested on numerous cell lines, reaching up to 90% gene silencing with high reproducibility and very low toxicity. RNA interference is a powerful technique to shut down genes expression in cells and organisms. This silencing effect constitutes a very helpful tool to study gene function and a promising approach for new therapeutic treatments.

  • Effective with very low doses of siRNA
  • Minimised off-target effects
  • Suitable for siRNA, shRNA, dsRNA and more
  • Applicable to a broad range of cells
  • Serum compatible and non-toxic
  • Straightforward protocol

Lullaby™ transfection reagent introduces siRNA duplexes in a variety of cells with a very high efficiency leading to exceptional knockdown effects with low doses of siRNA.

Store at +4 °C.

Delivery information: Shipped at room temperature.
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