Gas purification systems

Supplier: Perkin Elmer
PERCN9303963EA 1620 EUR
PERCN9303963 PERCN9303964 PERCN9306139
Gas purification systems
Filters Gas Filters
Moisture, oxygen, and other trace contaminants found in carrier or make-up gases can greatly affect your analysis and instrument performance. They can cause ghost peaks and degrade your column. Gas filters and traps can remove up to 99,9999% of these unwanted contaminants, increasing the life of your column life and decreasing stationary phase bleed.

  • Easy cartridge replacement with on/off knob
  • Double seal construction for safety
  • Two indicators for both oxygen and moisture
  • High capacity and efficiency levels for oxygen, water and hydrocarbons

Delivery information: Systems contain a manifold, mounting hardware and filter cartridge.
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