Connecting kits for CHROMABOND® Flash columns

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Connecting kits for CHROMABOND® Flash columns
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CHROMABOND® Flash connecting kits allow to use CHROMABOND® Flash RS and BT cartridges as stand-alone system with any pump, detection, fraction collector combination.

Delivery information: CHROMABOND® Flash Starter Kit consists of ¹/₈" PTFE tubing, I.Ø×L (1,5 mm×3 m), 5×¹/₄"-28 PP nuts, 5×¹/₈" ETFE ferrules, 5×¹/₄"-28 nylon unions, 2×¹/₄"-28 PP Luer locks female, 1×¹/₄"-28 PP Luer locks male and 1×¹/₄"-28 PP Luer tip male.
CHROMABOND® Flash Stand Alone Kit consists of 1×¹/₄"-28 PP Luer lock female, 1×¹/₄"-28 PP Luer lock male, 2×¹/₈" ETFE ferrules, 2×¹/₄"-28 nylon unions and 2×¹/₄"-28 PP nuts.
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