HPLC columns, NUCLEODUR® C18 HTec

MANA762554.210EA 2790 EUR
MANA762554.210 MANA761927.20 MANA760305.20 MANA760311.20 MANA760306.30 MANA760325.30 MANA760326.40 MANA762556.100 MANA762566.500 MANA760313.46 MANA760323.46 MANA762566.100 MANA760321.20 MANA760316.40 MANA762564.210 MANA760323.40 MANA762556.500 MANA760325.20 MANA762553.320 MANA760315.30 MANA762574.100 MANA761925.30 MANA760312.46 MANA760311.30 MANA760306.20 MANA760314.20 MANA762551.210 MANA760325.40 MANA762591.160 MANA762591.80 MANA762592.500 MANA760316.46 MANA762566.210 MANA760322.46 MANA760326.46 MANA760315.40 MANA762564.100 MANA762555.320 MANA762555.400 MANA760321.30 MANA760314.30 MANA762553.210 MANA760324.20 MANA760305.46 MANA760301.40 MANA762576.100 MANA760301.46 MANA760311.46 MANA761925.20 MANA761926.30 MANA760305.40 MANA760311.40 MANA762551.100 MANA760326.20 MANA760313.20 MANA760324.40 MANA762556.320 MANA760315.46 MANA762566.320 MANA762561.100 MANA762553.500 MANA760325.46 MANA760323.20 MANA760324.30 MANA760314.40 MANA760321.40 MANA760316.20 MANA762556.400 MANA760301.30 MANA760306.46 MANA762576.210 MANA760321.46 MANA762554.100 MANA761926.20 MANA760306.40 MANA761927.30 MANA760304.20 MANA760308.20 MANA762592.320 MANA760305.30 MANA760313.30 MANA760326.30 MANA762556.210 MANA760314.46 MANA762571.100 MANA760324.46 MANA760316.30 MANA760313.40 MANA760315.20 MANA760323.30 MANA762563.320 MANA760301.20 MANA762576.320 MANA762576.400
HPLC columns, NUCLEODUR® C18 HTec
Chromatography Columns
NUCLEODUR® C18 HTec is a high density monomeric octadecyl modified silica phase for analytical and preparative HPLC.

  • High purity spherical silica gel
  • Strongly hydrophobic, multi-endcapped phase for RP chromatography with high capacity
  • Separation mechanism based on hydrophobic interactions

With its outstanding base deactivation the LC-MS stable phase is suitable for many analytical separations (e.g., basic, neutral and acidic pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fat-soluble vitamins, aldehydes, ketones, phenolic compounds, derivatised amino acids). Due to the the high capacity and excellent stability NUCLEODUR® C18 HTec is ideal for an up-scaling to preparative scale.

EC guard columns are used for analytical EC columns with the Column Protection System guard column holder (554-5851).

VP guard columns are used for preparative VarioPrep columns with the following guard column holders:
8,0×10 mm (Int.Ø×L) guard column for 8,0 and 10,0 mm (Int.Ø) preparative column with holder MANA718251.
16,0×10 mm (Int.Ø×L) guard column for 16,0 and 21,0 mm (Int.Ø) preparative column with holder MANA718256.
32,0×15 mm (Int.Ø×L) guard column for 32,0 and 40,0 mm (Int.Ø) preparative column with holder MANA718253.
50,0×15 mm (Int.Ø×L) guard column for ≥50,0 mm (Int.Ø) preparative column with holder MANA718255.
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