HPLC columns, NUCLEOSHELL® RP 18plus

MANA763236.30EA 1030 EUR
MANA763236.30 MANA763257.30 MANA763258.20 MANA763238.30 MANA763232.30 MANA763234.30 MANA763252.30 MANA763254.30 MANA763256.30 MANA763236.40 MANA763258.30 MANA763257.40 MANA763234.20 MANA763257.20 MANA763238.20 MANA763234.40 MANA763232.40 MANA763236.20 MANA763234.46 MANA763232.20 MANA763257.46 MANA763236.46 MANA763232.46 MANA763254.46 MANA763252.46 MANA763252.40 MANA763256.46 MANA763254.20 MANA763252.20 MANA763254.40 MANA763256.20 MANA763256.40
HPLC columns, NUCLEOSHELL® RP 18plus
Chromatography Columns
NUCLEOSHELL® RP 18plus based on core-shell particle technology for fast and efficient HPLC.

  • Excellent performance under highly aqueous conditions
  • Monomeric octadecyl modification with multi-endcapping
  • Hydrophobic C18 phase with distinct polar selectivity, ideal for method development

The particle size of 5 µm enables a transfer of pharmacopoeia methods using classical fully porous silicas. The hydrophobic phase with polar selectivity shows an excellent performance under highly aqueous conditions and is especially recommended for polar compounds such as pharmaceuticals like antibiotics, water-soluble vitamins and organic acids.

EC guard columns are used for analytical EC columns with the column protection system guard column holder (554-5851).
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