HPLC columns, PAH analysis, NUCLEODUR® C18 PAH

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HPLC columns, PAH analysis, NUCLEODUR® C18 PAH
Chromatography Columns
Special octadecyl modified silica phase for HPLC analysis of PAHs.

  • High purity spherical silica gel
  • Polymeric octadecyl modification
  • Allows efficient gradient separation of PAHs according to EPA and EFSA

NUCLEODUR® C18 PAH columns are recommended for a gradient separation of 16 PAHs in accordance with EPA. An ultra-fast separation of 16 EPA PAHs is possible with 1,8 µm UHPLC phase. Moreover, separations of further PAH compounds such as PAHs according to EFSA can also be realised.

Selectivity: matched for PAH analysis.

EC guard columns are used for analytical EC columns with the column protection system guard column holder (554-5851).
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