HPLC columns, analysis of nucleic acids, NUCLEOGEN® DEAE

MANA736597.100EA 4110 EUR
MANA736597.100 MANA736400.40 MANA736599.100 MANA736598 MANA736602.100 MANA736596.40 MANA736601
HPLC columns, analysis of nucleic acids, NUCLEOGEN® DEAE
Chromatography Columns
Silica-based phase for HPLC separation of nucleic acids.

  • Robust spherical silica gel
  • DEAE anion exchanger
  • Separation of oligonucleotides, DNA and RNA fragments

NUCLEOGEN® 60-7 DEAE is recommended for the separation of oligonucleotides up to chain lengths of 40 bases.

NUCLEOGEN® 500-7 DEAE can be applied for the separation of tRNA, mRNA, and viroids in the intermediate molecular weight range (25000 to 1000000 daltons).

NUCLEOGEN® 4000-7 DEAE is suitable for the separation of plasmids, DNA restriction fragments, ribosomal RNA, messenger RNA and viral RNA (1 to 50 megadaltons).

CC guard columns require the CC column holder (30 mm).
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