Capillary columns, OPTIMA® 17 MS

MANA726162.60EA 1720 EUR
MANA726162.60 MANA726165.60 MANA726165.30 MANA726162.30
Capillary columns, OPTIMA® 17 MS
Chromatography Columns
Medium polar silarylene GC phase with low bleeding.

  • Ideal for ion trap MS detectors
  • Recommended for environmental analyses, ultra-trace analyses, EPA methods, pesticides, PCBs, food and drug analyses, also as reference column in combination with 1 MS or 5 MS columns
  • Maximum temperature for isothermal operation 340 °C
  • Maximum temperature for short isotherms in a temperature program 360 °C

The selectivity is analogue to 50% phenyl - 50% methylpolysiloxane phases.

USP code G3
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