Filtration cartridges, CHROMAFIL®

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Filtration cartridges, CHROMAFIL®
Filters Filter Cartridges
These filtration cartridges are used for sample clarification under vacuum (e.g., using the CHROMABOND® vacuum manifold or SPE automation systems) or by gravity. By using CHROMAFIL® filtration cartridges with their specific membranes unwanted particles are removed which can otherwise cause contamination and clogging of sensitive instrumentation.

  • Cartridge sizes 3 and 6 ml
  • Available with different membranes (PET, RC, PTFE, PVDF, GF) and pore sizes (0,20; 0,45 and 1,00 µm)

PET membrane: Hydrophilic multipurpose polyester membrane for polar as well as nonpolar solvents; especially suited for mixtures of water and organic solvents (HPLC eluents).

RC membrane: Hydrophilic regenerated cellulose membrane for aqueous and organic-aqueous liquids like polar and medium polar sample solutions.

PTFE membrane: Hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene membrane for nonpolar liquids and gases; very resistant towards all kinds of solvents as well as acids and bases.

PVDF membrane: hydrophilic polyvinylidene difluoride membrane for 100% aqueous samples; water-soluble oligomers and polymers like proteins.

GF membrane: inert glass fiber filter with nominal pore size of 1 µm allows higher flow rates than small pore filters; for solutions with high loads of particulate matter or for highly viscous solutions like soil samples, and fermentation broth.
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