DNA transfection reagent, Magnetofectamine™ O2

Supplier: OZ Biosciences
OZBIMTX2-1000EA 781.2 EUR
DNA transfection reagent, Magnetofectamine™ O2
Transfection Reagents
Magnetofectamine™ O2 is a powerful transfection kit designed for primary and hard-to-transfect cells. The alliance of MTX transfection reagent and CombiMag leads to increased transfection efficiency, minimised toxicity and enhanced gene expression. CombiMag, a magnetic formulation based on the Magnetofection™ technology, binds to MTX transfection reagent/DNA complexes and under the application of a magnetic field concentrates the genetic material onto cells and promotes cellular uptake. In this way, transfection efficiency is enhanced.

  • Less nucleic acids used - minimised toxicity
  • No need to change your standard protocol
  • Ideal for hard-to-transfect and primary cells
  • Simple, ready to use and rapid
  • Serum compatible and applicable to all nucleic acids

Storage : Upon reception and for long-term use, store the MTX REAGENT and MTXBoost at –20°C and CombiMag at +4°C.

Accessories information: This reagent needs to be used with a magnetic plate.

Delivery information: MTX2-1000 Starter Kit includes 1× super magnetic plate (MF1000) + 250 µl CombiMag + 750 µl MTX reagent + 3 ml MTX Boost 100X.
MTX2-0750 kit contains 250 µl CombiMag + 750 µl MTX reagent + 3 ml MTX Boost 100X (NB. does not include magnetic plate).
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