Micro immobilisation kit, GlycoLink™

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
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Micro immobilisation kit, GlycoLink™
Protein Purification Protein Purification Resins
Hydrazide-activated resin to immobilise glycoproteins for large-scale affinity purification.

  • Ideal for small-scale reactions, immobilise 50 to 500 µg of oxidised antibody or other glycoprotein per milliliter of resin
  • Immobilise in as few as 30 minutes; achieve at least 90% coupling of most glycoproteins in less than 4 hours (efficiency depends on the amount and type of glycosylation)
  • Specific immobilisation, the hydrazide-activated UltraLink resin conjugates only to purified glycoproteins whose sugar (sialic acid) groups have been gently oxidized with periodate
  • Resonance structure of the hydrazone bonds are sufficiently stable for multiple affinity purifications with one batch of prepared resin; no stabilisation step is required
  • Immobilizes IgG via the Fc region, thereby keeping both antigen binding sites available for capturing target

Thermo Scientific GlycoLink Immobilization Kits provide affinity columns and reagents to immobilise glycoproteins through oxidized sugar groups for use in affinity-purification applications or studies of protein-protein interactions.

The GlycoLink Kits use hydrazide-activated resin and a special catalyst to prepare affinity columns with polyclonal antibodies, which typically have abundant carbohydrates (glycosylation) on their Fc portions. Any glycosylated proteins (even monoclonal antibodies) that contain periodate-oxidisable carbohydrate groups can be immobilised with these kits to make reusable affinity columns. Antibodies immobilised by this hydrazide immobilisation chemistry have unobstructed antigen-binding sites and optimal purification capability. Prepared columns with stable glycoproteins or antibodies can be regenerated and reused at least five times for affinity-purification without significant loss in binding capacity.

Delivery information: Kit includes: GlycoLink columns 0,1 ml (10 columns); GlycoLink coupling buffer 100 ml; Aniline 0,2 ml; wash buffer 60 ml; Sodium meta-periodate 0,5 g; Zeba spin desalting columns 0,5 ml (10 columns); PBS pack (makes 500 ml), 1 pack; Column Accessories, 10 each.
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