6-Carboxy-X-rhodamine succinimidyl ester (6-ROX SE) amine-reactive fluorescent dye

Supplier: Biotium

Synonyms: 6-ROX N-succinimidyl esterCarboxy-X-rhodamine succinimidyl ester, 6-isomer6-ROX, SE6-Carboxy-X-rhodamine, NHS ester

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6-Carboxy-X-rhodamine succinimidyl ester (6-ROX SE) amine-reactive fluorescent dye
6-Carboxy-X-rhodamine succinimidyl ester (6-ROX SE)

6-ROX, SE (6-Carboxy-X-rhodamine, succinimidyl ester, single isomer) is the amine-reactive form of 6-carboxy-X-rhodamine single isomer.

  • Dark purple solid soluble in DMSO or DMF
  • Absorption/Emission 576nm/601nm (MeOH)
  • Extinction Coefficient 80,000
  • Store desiccated at -20 °C. Protect from light, especially in solution

6-ROX is widely used in DNA sequencing and DNA probes based on fluorescent energy transfer (FRET). The succinimidyl ester reacts readily with primary or secondary amines under mild conditions. A stock solution of the dye can be made in anhydrous DMF or DMSO. The coupling reaction is usually carried out in a pH ~8.5 buffer (for example, 0.1-0.2 M sodium bicarbonate buffer). Alternatively, the coupling reaction may also be carried out in an organic solvent for amino compounds that are insoluble in aqueous solution.

Formula: C₃₇H₃₃N₃O₇
Storage Temperature: Freezer
CAS Number: 216699-36-4

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