Analytical balances, Cubis® II

Supplier: Sartorius
Cubis® II
611-4724EA 13340 EUR
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Analytical balances, Cubis® II
Balances and Scales
The Cubis® II range has a modular design that to allows the customer to choose the components that suit the application area that is of interest. For the customer, this configurable concept delivers quality weighing, together with a high degree of flexibility, without having to invest in expensive equipment that has features that may never be required.

  • Choice of draft shield: Manual glass (U); motorised (A) or motorised with built-in de-ioniser for effective removal of static charges (I)
  • Quick and easy motorised automatic levelling
  • Gesture control sensor recognises four gestures, it allows user to open or close the automatic draft shield, start the ioniser or send a document to a device
  • Connectivity package links to diverse laboratory information systems (Windows File Server (SMB), FTP, FTPS and STARLIMS) without the need for additional software
  • Built in ioniser removes electrostatic charges at the press of a key or automatically when draft shield closes
  • Full data integrity following ALCOA+ principles, the balances audit trail is a tamper protected, time stamped electronic logfile traceable to UTC and the balance contains an Alibi memory

Two different user interfaces are available to cover all facets of laboratory applications and enable a range of options for balance operation. The customer can then add the appropriate weighing platform to the choice of control unit. For these analytical balances the choices are, not only the control unit and balance capability, but the type of draft shielding that will benefit the application. Choice of automatic glass draft shield with or without integrated ionizer.

MCE Essential User Interface: This is a large, high contrast touch display with factory installed essential weighing applications for easy operation.

MCA Advanced User Interface: This is a large 7” colour touch display featuring touch, scroll and swipe functionality with factory installed essential weighing applications and diverse QApp packages for optional software extension. An optional climate sensor which monitors the influencing environmental variables ensuring temperature, pressure and humidity do not negatively affect results is available. The Status Center shows all information about the balance and environmental conditions (calibration, levelling, temperature, humidity, air pressure and service) in a dashboard, giving detailed help and support in the event of warnings or errors.

Various Q-Apps, customer-specific applications, can be integrated into the balance. The applications are used to create customer-specific weighing tasks. These are reloadable application programs that guide the user step-by-step through the specific workflow, guaranteeing that the procedures described in the corresponding SOPs are observed at all times. As individual Q-Apps are performed according to their specific application, a variety of solutions for differential weighing, formula and filling quantity control applications are available as Q-App packages. Workflows can be performed independently and do not necessarily require a PC connection.

Certifications: Supports all requirements for FDA directive 21 CFR part II and EU Annex II compliance.

Ordering information: There are different optional software packages, each contains applications or functions to enhance and customise the balance for the users’ workflows. Choice of QApp Package: Pharma; Advanced Applications: Utilities; Connectivity or the all inclusive QApps package includes all of these 4 packages.

Caution: Note: Models with suffix -CEU are verified version Europe (except FR) and -S00 suffix denotes standard version worldwide.
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