Size exclusion chromatography columns, InfinityLab AdvanceBio

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
InfinityLab AdvanceBio
HEWLPL1580-3350EA 2250 EUR
HEWLPL1580-3350 HEWLPL1580-5350 HEWLPL1580-1201 HEWLPL1180-5350 HEWLPL1580-3301 HEWLPL1180-3350 HEWLPL1580-1301 HEWLPL1180-5301 HEWLPL1180-1350 HEWLPL1580-3201 HEWLPL1580-5301 HEWLPL1580-1350 HEWLPL1580-5201 HEWLPL1180-3301 HEWLPL1180-1301
Size exclusion chromatography columns, InfinityLab AdvanceBio
Chromatography Columns
These columns are suitable for aggregation analysis via size exclusion chromatography.

  • Increased analytical speed to help you meet vital deadlines
  • Increased resolution for more accurate quantitation
  • Increased sensitivity to quantitate aggregates, even at low levels
  • Increased reproducibility to eliminate rework

AdvanceBio SEC columns deliver accurate, precise quantitation for mAb aggregation and protein SEC analysis.

In addition, AdvanceBio SEC columns improve lab productivity by providing robust, reliable methods that eliminate sample re-analyses. You can also easily transfer methods to other locations, including QA/QC, reducing the risk of late-stage candidate and batch failures.
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