Ammonia solution ≥25% (NH₃ basis) in water, TraceSELECT™ for trace analysis, Fluka™

Supplier: Honeywell Chemicals

Synonyms: Ammonium hydroxide

09857-500MLEA 172.16 EUR
Ammonia solution ≥25% (NH₃ basis) in water, TraceSELECT™ for trace analysis, Fluka™
Ammonia solution

TraceSELECT™ Ultra and TraceSELECT

  • Ultra-pure acids, bases, and salts for smelting and wet digestion in environmental, water, and food analysis
  • Sample preparation for trace analysis requires reagents of the highest purity; our TraceSELECT Ultra products for ultra-trace analysis at ppb and even ppt levels are produced by sub-boiling distillation
  • The acids, bases, and salts in the TraceSELECT series have been developed for sample preparation and analysis in the ppb (µg/kg) trace range
  • packaged in high-quality containers appropriate for each product
  • the reagents are produced and bottled under clean-room conditions

Formula: NH₃
MW: 35,05 g/mol
Boiling Pt: 37,7 °C
Melting Pt: -92 °C
Density: 0,90 g/cm3
Storage Temperature: Ambient
MDL Number: MFCD00066650
CAS Number: 1336-21-6
UN: 2672

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Specification Test Results

Assay of NH₃ 25.0 - 31.0 %
Density (D 20/4) 0.890 - 0.910
Silver (Ag) max. 0.5 ppb
Aluminium (Al) max. 5 ppb
Arsenic (As) max. 1 ppb
Gold (Au) max. 0.5 ppb
Barium (Ba) max. 0.5 ppb
Beryllium (Be) max. 0.5 ppb
Bismuth (Bi) max. 0.5 ppb
Calcium (Ca) max. 10 ppb
Cadmium (Cd) max. 0.5 ppb
Cerium (Ce) max. 0.5 ppb
Cobalt (Co) max. 0.5 ppb
Chromium (Cr) max. 1 ppb
Cesium (Cs) max. 0.5 ppb
Copper (Cu) max. 0.5 ppb
Iron (Fe) max. 2 ppb
Gallium (Ga) max. 0.5 ppb
Germanium (Ge) max. 0.5 ppb
Mercury (Hg) max. 1 ppb
Indium (In) max. 0.5 ppb
Iridium (Ir) max. 0.5 ppb
Potassium (K) max. 5 ppb
Lithium (Li) max. 0.5 ppb
Magnesium (Mg) max. 1 ppb
Manganese (Mn) max. 0.5 ppb
Molybdenum (Mo) max. 0.5 ppb
Sodium (Na) max. 10 ppb
Nickel (Ni) max. 1 ppb
Lead (Pb) max. 0.5 ppb
Palladium (Pd) max. 0.5 ppb
Platinum (Pt) max. 0.5 ppb
Rubidium (Rb) max. 0.5 ppb
Rhodium (Rh) max. 0.5 ppb
Ruthenium (Ru) max. 0.5 ppb
Antimony (Sb) max. 0.5 ppb
Selenium (Se) max. 1 ppb
Tin (Sn) max. 0.5 ppb
Strontium (Sr) max. 0.5 ppb
Titanium (Ti) max. 1 ppb
Thallium (Tl) max. 0.5 ppb
Uran (U) max. 0.5 ppb
Vanadium (V) max. 1 ppb
Zinc (Zn) max. 1 ppb
Zirconium (Zr) max. 0.5 ppb
Carbonate (as CO₂) max. 10 ppm
Bromide (Br) max. 50 ppb
Chloride (Cl) max. 500 ppb
Fluoride (F) max. 100 ppb
Iodide (I) max. 50 ppb
Nitrite (NO₂) max. 100 ppb
Nitrate (NO₃) max. 500 ppb
Phosphate (PO₄) max. 50 ppb
Sulfate (SO₄) max. 100 ppb

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