Withdrawal system for solvents with discharge hose

Supplier: Bürkle
223-0123EA 2020 EUR
Withdrawal system for solvents with discharge hose
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In the withdrawal system for solvents with discharge hose, the barrel pump has a flexible discharge hose. The hose makes it possible to dispense the relevant solvent into tanks that are located some distance away and meter it accurately. With barrel screw connection for steel barrels with R 2" thread. Can be adjusted for standard commercial tanks with thread adapters.

  • Flexible connection options, operation with compressed air or inert gas (e.g. nitrogen)
  • Parts in contact with medium made of stainless steel (1,4301) and PTFE
  • Including transport stands, earthing cable for pressure regulating unit, connecting hose, key and adapter for compressed air supply
  • Compressed air supply adapter: 1×coupling connector NW 7,2 mm, 1x hose nozzle for internal diameter 6 mm, 1×hose nozzle for internal diameter 8 mm
  • For UN tanks and barrels (test pressure at least 150 kpa)
  • The device complies with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU

The withdrawal system can be used to dispense high-purity liquids quickly and without complications. An excess pressure is produced in the container with pressurised gas (compressed air or nitrogen), thereby pumping the liquid out of the tank. The advantage of operation using pressure gas is that the user can extract even large amounts without effort while having both hands free to dispense the solvent.

In this way, large amounts of hazardous media such as acetone, ethanol and methanol, etc. can also be safely dispensed and accurately metered using the stop cock. For use with media sensitive to oxygen or for ultra-pure media, operation with an inert gas (e.g. nitrogen) is possible.

The barrel screw connection and shut-off valves seal off the barrel and pump hermetically. This means that no vapours containing solvents can escape after dispensing, thereby protecting users' health and the environment.

The transportable withdrawal system makes it possible to work flexibly. It consists of a barrel pump and attachable pressure regulating unit that adjusts the input pressure and offers additional protection against misuse. A pressure gauge allows for a visual check of the input pressure.

The pump can easily be fastened onto the container with a barrel screw connection. The compressed air or nitrogen connection (3 to 10 bar) can be provided via a mobile or stationary compressed air supply. The withdrawal system for solvents offers a secure and accurate way to dispense different solvents in laboratory and industrial applications.
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