Avantor® Hichrom, HPLC Columns, C18, 5 μm

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HI-5C18-100AEA 1020 EUR
HI-5C18-100A HI-5C18-100AF HI-5C18-100AM HI-5C18-100AS HI-5C18-100M HI-5C18-100P HI-5C18-100SP HI-5C18-10C HI-5C18-10CE HI-5C18-10CM HI-5C18-10CP HI-5C18-150A HI-5C18-150AF HI-5C18-150AM HI-5C18-150AS HI-5C18-150M HI-5C18-150P HI-5C18-150SP HI-5C18-250A HI-5C18-250AF HI-5C18-250AS HI-5C18-250M HI-5C18-250P HI-5C18-250SP HI-5C18-50A HI-5C18-50AF HI-5C18-50AM HI-5C18-50AS HI-5C18-50M HI-5C18-50P HI-5C18-50SP HI-5C18-50SP1 HI-5C18-75P HI-5C18-75SP HI-5C18-75SP1 HI-5C18-100P3 HI-5C18-100SP1 HI-5C18-10C5 HI-5C18-10CE5 HI-5C18-10CM5 HI-5C18-10CP3 HI-5C18-150P3 HI-5C18-150SP1 HI-5C18-250P3 HI-5C18-250SP1 HI-5C18-50P3 HI-5C18-75P3 HI-5C18-300AE HI5C1810C5SK HI5C1810CM5SK HI-5C18-125A HI-5C18-125AF HI-5C18-125AS HI-5C18-200A HI-5C18-300A HI-5C18-300AF HI-5C18-35AF HI-5C18-35AS HI-5C18-10CB3 HICHHI-5C18-150AE HICHHI-5C18-150DE HICHHI-5C18-250D
Avantor® Hichrom, HPLC Columns, C18, 5 μm
Chromatography Columns
These Avantor® Hichrom C18 columns offer high performance in order to tackle the most challenging reversed-phase applications. The use of ultra pure silica, advanced bonding technology, superior column specification and comprehensive batch validation all contribute to the columns’ excellent reproducibility.

  • Ultra pure, base deactivated porous silica
  • Suitable for acidic, basic and neutral molecules
  • Particle sizes 3,5 and 5 μm available

Combining ultra pure silica with advanced bonding technology results in a densely bonded silica that is both highly robust and highly reproducible. Unpredictable interactions between residual silanol sites on the silica surface and the analyte are effectively eliminated. Comprehensive batch validation ensures absolute batch to batch reproducibility is maintained with acidic, basic and neutral molecules.

Combining a unique dense bonding process (inhibiting ligand cleavage at low pH) with a revolutionary capping process (shielding the silica from dissolution at high pH) enables these C18 columns to offer exceptional stability across an extended pH range.

These columns are packed to extremely high efficiencies with excellent peak asymmetries, ensuring that high performance is maintained throughout the column’s lifetime.

Guard cartridges are available for C18 column dimensions, to further extend column lifetime by preventing irreversible adsorption and frit blockage at the top of the column.

* Use with freestanding holder HI-161 and column coupler HI-081.

Ordering information: Other dimensions columns and guard cartridges are available on request.

Delivery information: Supplied with a test chromatogram and batch validation certificate.
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