Ion exchange chromatography columns, Capto™ HiRes

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Ion exchange chromatography columns, Capto™ HiRes
Chromatography Columns
Capto™ HiRes Q and Capto™ HiRes S are prepacked columns for high-resolution purification of proteins and other biomolecules by ion exchange chromatography. They are well-suited for the preparation of highly pure proteins for structural studies and for protein analysis.

  • High resolution columns - for laboratory scale ion exchange chromatography
  • Suitable for preparing highly pure proteins - essential in, for example, structural studies using techniques such as cryo-electron microscopy or protein crystallography
  • Suitable for protein analysis in research or quality control - for example, for characterisation of target protein charge variants
  • High quality column - excellent reproducibility, durability, and high chemical and pH stabilities

The chromatography resins packed in Capto™ HiRes Q and Capto™ HiRes S ion exchange columns are based on a high-flow agarose base matrix and a small bead size (average bead size 9 μm).

Capto™ HiRes Q and Capto™ HiRes S are strong anion and strong cation exchangers, respectively with ion exchange properties that remain constant during chromatography within the recommended pH range of 2 to 12.

Capto™ HiRes Q and Capto™ HiRes S IEX resins are prepacked in high-performance Tricorn™ glass columns of two different sizes. The columns have fittings for simple connection to ÄKTA chromatography systems or equivalent high-performance systems. All column parts are biocompatible.

In many research areas, for example in structural biology using X-ray crystallography or cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM), obtaining homogeneous size and charge of biomolecules is crucial for the elucidation of their structures. High-resolution separation of samples based on their charge properties is essential to secure sample charge homogeneity and success of the study. Capto™ HiRes columns separate proteins and biomolecules that are very close in net charge, which makes these columns great for these applications.
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