Near-IR CF® Dye Free Acids, Biotium

Supplier: Biotium
92066.EA 368 EUR
92066. 92159. 92071. 92070.
Near-IR CF® Dye Free Acids, Biotium
Stains In vivo Imaging Dyes
NIR CF® dye free acids are non-reactive molecules and cannot be used for labeling. They can be used as reference standards or controls for corresponding NIR CF® dye-conjugates such as antibodies, proteins, peptides etc. in cell-based and in vivo assays.

  • Non-reactive, free acid forms of the NIR CF® dyes
  • Used as controls for corresponding NIR CF® dye conjugates

– In vitro cell-based assays to monitor binding of a dye-labeled agent, to evaluate binding specificity, and validate optical agents for in vivo administration.
– In vivo imaging to evaluate the behavior and clearance of the dye itself, kinetics of dye clearance from the animal’s body or retention of dye in certain organs or sites (e.g., liver or kidneys).
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