HPLC columns, Ascentis® Express F5, Supelco®

Supplier: Merck
53590-UEA 780 EUR
53590-U 53591-U 53599-U 53576-U 53577-U 53574-U 53597-U 53566-U 53583-U 53594-U 53584-U 53592-U 53581-U 53571-U 53568-U 53567-U 53578-U 53569-U 53579-U
HPLC columns, Ascentis® Express F5, Supelco®
Chromatography Columns
Ascentis® Express F5 can be used for basic, acidic, or neutral compounds with alternate selectivity from C18.

The pentafluorophenylpropyl (PFP) stationary phase of Ascentis® Express F5 provides a stable, reversed-phase packing with electron-deficient phenyl rings due to the presence of electronegative fluorines. In addition to forming p-p and mildly steric interactions, F5 phases also retain compounds by polar interactions. As a result of having both polar and non-polar character, F5 phases can show dual-mode retention behavior, sometimes producing a “U-shaped” retention as a function of acetonitrile content of the mobile phase, with retention increasing at both low and high concentrations of ACN (reversed-phase and HILIC retention modes).
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