Calcein-AM ≥90% (by HPLC) fluorescent dye, for histology

Supplier: Biotium

Synonyms: Calcein O,O′-diacetate tetrakis(acetoxymethyl) esterCalcein acetoxymethyl ester

80011-3EA 319 EUR
80011-3 80011.
Calcein-AM ≥90% (by HPLC) fluorescent dye, for histology

Calcein AM is a widely used green fluorescent cell marker. Calcein AM is membrane-permeant and thus can be introduced into cells via incubation.

  • λEx/λEm (calcein) = 494/517 nm (pH 8)
  • Colorless solid soluble in DMSO
  • Store at -20°C and protect from light

Once inside the cells, calcein AM is hydrolyzed by endogenous esterase into the highly negatively charged green fluorescent calcein, which is retained in the cytoplasm. Calcein AM is an excellent tool for the studies of cell membrane integrity and for cell tracing. Supplied in lyophilized form or as a solution in anhydrous DMSO at 4 mM (80011-1) or 1 mg/mL (1 mM) (80011-2). Calcein AM is also offered in our Cell Viability and Cytotoxicity Assay Kit (30002).

Formula: C₄₆H₄₆N₂O₂₃
Storage Temperature: Freezer
MDL Number: MFCD05861516
CAS Number: 148504-34-1

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