VWR®, Triple-Display Thermometer with Alarm

Supplier: VWR Collection

620-2716EA 52.7 EUR
620-2716 620-2717 620-2715 620-2711
VWR®, Triple-Display Thermometer with Alarm
Thermometers Digital Thermometers
This digital alarm thermometer is for use in ambient conditions. It is designed to control the temperature in cooling and freezing areas in laboratories and drug stores.

  • Optical and acoustic alarm
  • Shows current and max./min. values at the same time
  • Switches between °C and °F
  • 3-point calibration certificate

In addition to the standard alarm function, the acoustic alarm can be confirmed by pushing the Alarm Confirmation button while an acoustic alarm is active. The optical alarm stays until the measured value is back between the limits.

* external sensor
** internal sensor

Delivery information: Models BCT 210 and BCT 220 are delivered with glass bottles of glycol solution.

Caution: Attention hand safety, cut risk! Please check the bottles for possible existing cracks. Please be aware of the eventual leak of the glycol solution. Please wear nitrile rubber gloves in case of a leaky bottle.
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