Lumitein™ protein gel stain

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Lumitein™ protein gel stain
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Lumitein™ is a luminescent dye designed for detecting proteins in SDS polyacrylamide (SDS-PAGE) gels. It can also be used to detect proteins in native PAGE gels after an additional SDS incubation step. The stain combines excellent sensitivity, exceptional user-friendliness and compatibility with common instruments and downstream analysis.

  • Highly Sensitive: At least as sensitive as silver stain by detecting < 1 ng protein.
  • Simple & Fast: Fixation and staining in a single 30-90 minute step, followed by a simple rinse in water.
  • Very Low Background
  • Instrument Compatibility: Image with 300 nm UV gel box (EtBr filter), Dark Reader, or a laser scanner.
  • Wide Linear Detection Range: At least three orders of magnitude.
  • Compatible with Downstream Analysis: Compatible with MS and sequencing.
  • Highly Stable: Stable at room temperature.

It is as sensitive as the best silver stain by detecting 1 ng or less protein. Unlike silver stain, however, Lumitein™ has a linear detection range of at least 3 orders of magnitude. It is among the simplest protein gel stain by staining protein in gels in 90 minutes or less time without a separate fixation step. Lumitein™ has an excitation spectrum that makes detection possible with either a simple UV box or a high-end laser scanner. Moreover, protein gel staining with Lumitein™ is compatible with downstream protein analyses such as mass spectrometry and Edman-based sequencing .

Lumitein™ Protein Gel Stain, 1X is a convenient, ready-to-use staining solution. Lumitein is also available as an economical 100X concentrated solution. For a fast, easy, and non-toxic alternative to Lumitein™ for protein gel staining, see our One-Step Lumitein™ and One-Step Blue™ Protein Gel Stains.
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