Ultra-Low temperature freezers, CryoCube F101h

Supplier: Eppendorf
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Ultra-Low temperature freezers, CryoCube F101h
Freezers Ultra Low Temperature Freezers
The CryoCube F101h ULT freezers offers a personal storage solution in a convenient package. The compact design means the unit will fit below a standard laboratory bench so samples are always securely close-at-hand. F101h has 2 inner compartments for storing for up to 6 racks/60 boxes giving space for up to 6000 vessels (1,5 ml). These freezers with efficient and reliable 2-stage compressor systems help reduce energy consumption, which helps to lower costs. Energy consumption: (–70/–80 °C): 4,6/6,3 KWh/day.

  • Green cooling liquids (R170/R290) with low Global Warming Potential (GWP)
  • Easy-access air filter for convenient cleaning without tools
  • Fast pull down time to −80 °C of only 140 min for time saving
  • Quick door-opening-recovery time to −80 °C: 27 min (60 second open)
  • Lockable door handle and power switch prevents accidental switch-off and intuitive touchpad controls for safe and easy handling
  • Quick-access vent port for faster opening times and smoother operation
  • Removable inner doors for easy cleaning. Inner doors are insulated and sealed for increased sample safety
  • Easy integration of optional eLABInventory sample management software for easy and reliable sample organization within your freezer
  • Optional eLABJournal software for easy and reliable documentation and traceability of laboratory processes

Accommodates Eppendorf tube formats for flexible workflows and fitting vessel formats. If handling different liquids and different volumes there is a very wide range of tube formats (0,2 to 50 ml) for optimal sample fit, including amber vessels for light sensitive samples and tubes and plates for low-to-high-throughput processes.

Environmentally friendly insulation with green foam, vacuum insulation panels, and insulated inner doors for energy efficient storage. CryoCube F101h can be connected via optional VisioNize box allowing user to take advantage of 24/7 notification and monitoring.

Ordering information: Optional accessories such as racks, chart recorder Type I (power supplied by ULT), backup systems Type 'narrow' (Innova-wall) and freezer storage boxes are available.

Delivery information: Supplied with shelves, power cable and operating manual.
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