VWR®, Homogeniser Bead Mill MAX

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VWR®, Homogeniser Bead Mill MAX
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VWR Bead Mill MAX is the premier model in the VWR Bead Mill homogeniser range. VWR Bead Mill MAX is designed to grind, lyse or homogenise the most difficult samples with repeatable results. The unique tube carriage motion ensures the intra-tube bead movement reduces swirling, and creates the highest bead impact force of any bead mill on the market.

  • Optional cryo cooling unit for preventing increase in sample temperature during homogenisation (requires compressed air, liquid nitrogen or dry ice in ethanol) can be ordered separately
  • User friendly, multi-lingual touch screen interface
  • No cool down period required between runs: Process hundreds of samples per day
  • Unlimited programmable memory setting for shared protocols
  • Convenient front loading design features an integrated lid lock that engages during operation

Using sample tubes pre-filled with a variety of bead media, the mill vigorously and uniformly shakes the tubes providing an efficient, consistent high yield and quality homogenisation usually in less than 30 seconds. The Bead Mill MAX is ideal for sample preparation when extracting DNA, RNA, proteins and small molecules.

Delivery information: Drive unit is supplied with 2 ml tube carriage, user manual and 2 year warranty. VWR disposable bead tubes must be ordered separately.
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