Hook and loop fastener SJ352Bbk

Supplier: 3M
293-0004EA 27.8 EUR
Hook and loop fastener SJ352Bbk
This high-performance PSA nylon hook and loop with a rubber adhesive and polypropylene film liner. It provides a firm adhesive bond to a wide variety of surfaces, including many low surface energy plastics and powder coats. It's designed for indoor use and has an engaged thickness of 4,4 mm.

  • High-performance rubber based adhesive designed for indoor applications requiring medium temperature resistance
  • Provides a firm adhesive bond to a wide variety of surfaces
  • Woven nylon is durable for thousands of closures
  • Quick fastening helps reduce production time and costs
  • Length of 1,25 m

This is coated with a high performance rubber adhesive and offers a medium temperature performance up to 50 °C long-term (70 °C short-term). Designed for indoor use and bond well to paper and cardboard, paint, bare and painted metal, glass, sealed wood, and many plastics.
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