White light viewer, LabLite illuminator, ViewOne™

Supplier: Embitec
White light viewer, LabLite illuminator, ViewOne™
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Compact benchtop illuminator helps to visually identify a specific sample well, complete lanes or rows, to aid in loading 96-well plates.

  • Uniform background for enhanced visualization of colorimetric samples
  • Waterproof top allows for visualizing wet samples such as SDS-PAGE gels or dissection samples
  • Portable and space saving

The ViewOne™ LabLite is a stand-alone bench top solution for visualizing colorimetric sample against a uniform white light background. Labs have used the ViewOne with ELISA plates, colony picking and bacterial plates, hemagglutiation assays and cell culture plates. The waterproof top provides a protected surface for usage with set samples such as Coomassie stained SDS-PAGE gels, zymogram gels, and samples for dissection.

The ViewOne™ LabLite Set includes a tilt stand that offers relief from loading over a plate, and adjusts to 10°, 30°, 45°, making it a practical unit that can also be used in a biosafety cabinet.

Delivery information: The ViewOne™ LabLite set includes VL-1007 Universal tilt stand for viewing angle adjustment. Stand-alone model does not include tilt stand.
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